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From the humble beginnings of a two-man staff operating public accounting and consultancy firm. William C. H. Tan & Associates (“WTA”) has over 30 years established a successful firm with vast network of client and associates. We today be justifiably proud of its impressive growth with a staff force comprising of more than 70 experienced personnel. WTA provides clients with high quality and excellent services through its directors, managers and staff who follow uniform procedures, share a common culture and value system with common training background.

The practice of WTA as an accounting and consultancy firm is conducted through the following business units :


William C. H. Tan & Associates (“WTA”)
Auditing, profit forecast review, accountants’ reports, corporate recovery services, accounting procedures, financial advisory and feasibility studies
William C.H. Tan Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. (“WTC”)
Consulting services covering such areas as tax planning, industrial consultancy in tax incentive, manufacturing license and expatriate posts’ application, exemption of Stamp Duty, corporate restructuring leading to listing exercise and a wide range of specialty consulting services.



Presently, we have more than 500 clients throughout Malaysia including cross-border companies from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, Netherland, China, Australia, Italy etc.

We serve clients from various sectors, i.e. manufacturing, trading, import, export, multi level marketing, money lending, construction, property investment, laundry, pharmacy, packaging, advertising firms, travel agencies, legal firms, investment holding, telecommunication, information technology, e-commerce, landscaping, mechanical and engineering, facility management, internet related industry, cosmetic and beauty surgery services, education, kindergarten, etc